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I am Kalpana Sunder, a  freelance travel writer and photographer based in Chennai, India where I live with my entrepreneur- husband, and two children. A restless spirit who believes that life is too short to do just one thing, I have re-invented myself several times over. I have taught Japanese to techies and creative English to young learners. In my search for a good travel tale, I have snorkelled on the Barrier Reef; zip lined through rainforests, snowmobiled in Lapland, and floated on the Dead Sea. I love the colour purple, junk jewellery and cherubic kids, read anything I lay my hands on, and slow down with yoga. I love learning languages and interacting with people of different nationalities.  I firmly believe in the power of a hug and in always eating dessert. Travel and writing are integral parts of my DNA. My ever growing travel wish- list is a topic of discussion with my family and friends!


Hi Kalpana, Thanks for adding me to your Indiblogger network Your blog sure looks interesting and I am going to take my time to read through and comment.

Thanks Sudhagee, will look forward to that!

What city is that behind you in your profile picture. Looks lovely :)

Thanks D for visiting! That's Prague , one of my favourite European cities, even with the crowds now..

It does look charming.

Will be coming by this blog a lot more often :)

AWSOME AWSOME AWSOME ....it is what only i can speak of about your blog......i am really very very jealous of you....ha ha ha ha....i wish i could be those places......never mind...your blog will take me to places.....

Hi Kalpana,

I am srini here from Mumbai, saw the amazing village, pics and the details regarding the village in Meghalaya, you have covered and written well. This village is a must visit place for every one before one dies. I have spent 4-5 yrs in shillong during my school days.

Please let me know the travel details, budget etc., which would be really helpful for everyone.

Thanks - Srinivas - email id - srini1512@yahoo.in

thanks Srabanthi! For all that praise and for visiting! Hope to see more of u!

Thanks Srinivas! Mawlynnong is reachable from Shillong by road ( about 2,5 hours). You can choose to do a day trip or stay overnight at the Guest house there- basic accomodation and food. You can contact Deepak Laloo or Carol Nongrum (0364-2502420, 09863115302) and rooms start at around Rs 1500.

I stumbled on your blog (Luck)by Chance..and now i'm here to stay..to see the world from ur eyes and to hear the bustle from ur ears...

Hi Kalpana,
I am a metallurgist who stumbled upon plasma technology 42 years ago and have made a career interwoven between the two disparate subjects, topping it up with Advanced Surface Engg. Am married to a lady who grew up in Shillong, so am quite fascinated by your tales of travel. One of the subjects I teach design students is biomimetics or bio-inspiration, and I have been using some of your excellent phtographs to make them think. Many thanks for this excellent blog. I will keep coming back.
Warm regards,

Thanks Max Babi! I am really honoured that you are using my blog to teach! Please note that my blog has migrated to a new site. Do use google connect to follow!http://www.kalpanasunder.com/blog

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