Sunday, February 20, 2011

They say that great chefs have star power..have to agree after my experience this week at the Marina Bay Sands official'grand opening'. We had a chance to experience their acclaimed cuisine and get up-close with the chefs in their own a dine-around gourmet dinner. Pizzeria Mozza, db Bistro Moderne,CUT, Santi, Guy Savoy and Waku Ghin made their signature dishes and even went out of their way to please vegetarians like me:)
Guy Savoy is a 'three Michelin stars'..been voted France's chef of the year..What I enjoy here is the most amazing Artichoke and Black truffle soup with toasted mushroom Brioche..the meat eater friends rave about the monkfish with shallot that they taste..
Waku Ghin



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