Tuesday, February 7, 2012


A staycation is the new buzzword- a vacation you take in or around your home.... Basically it means that you act like a tourist in your hometown..taking tours, eating out, chilling at home or indulging in hobbies like gardening and staying away from work. It ESSENTIALLY signifies getting out of the daily rut. After all a vacation is expensive and there are those zillion arrangements that you need to make at home and work- water the plants, feed the pet, arrange for security, etc etc.. Also air or train travel can be tiring, the plastic food , the time zones disturbing..

Staycations gained popularity during the economic recession in countries like the USA and Britain when people started vacationing at home to cut costs! A staycation may be a great idea provided you remember to:

1. Stay away from the evils- the computer, the mobile phone.

2. Don’t over schedule yourself. If a staycation also is an endless round of tours, trips to restaurants and things to do, the whole point is lost. Build a lot of free time to just chill, read, have a massage and listen to music.


Some of my ideas for staycations:

• Book into a day-spa and splurge on beauty treatments and massages!

• Take a heritage walk or local tours. For example in Chennai, Storytrails has great walking tours which discover hidden facets of the city.

• Catch up on your city’s cultural activities- concerts, dance performances, plays and the like.

• Catch a local match of cricket or football.

• Visit museums, planetariums or heritage buildings.

• Plan a ‘fun’ day with a trip to a water park or an amusement park with rides.

• Visit restaurants that you have not checked out so far.

• Take a daytrip to some new weekend destination or just have a simple picnic -you can just drive down.

• Get DVDs of your favourite movies, travel shows and plonk yourself on that comfy lounger!

• Raid the libraries, bookshops and catch up on your reading.

• Compile long playlists of music to listen to.

Go ahead and try it- a staycation may be just what the doctor ordered!



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