Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It was a wintery evening in Krakow, the medieval Polish city. Strains of ethereal music wafted in the air ..the moonlight sonata? I was bewitched. Street musicians are an integral part of the European experience. I have seen many talented, few less-than talented musicians play a variety of instruments and enchant the audience, over the years.

Most are self taught, I presume. These simple musical moments and free concerts linger in my memory for ages. Europe is a lot about the culture and ambience of the cities and the evocative music is a large part of this. Linger on the streets with a cup of coffee and take in a performance..

A Mexican style band on a bridge in Ljubljana, the capital of pint sized Slovenia
A showman in Munich- Marienplatz

The sheer variety in the range of instruments is mind boggling.. Many sell CDs of their work for a modest 10 euros or so.

Some strange instruments that I have seen..

That was a ventriloquist musician on Charles Bridge!

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is  probably the capital of street music too! I have seen this performer on many visits in the Old Town Square.

This band on the Charles Bridge look really professional!
My personal favourite was this charismatic wine glass musician!
This came as a bit of a surprise- a full band playing on  a Sunday morning in the Town Square.
Another talented band  playing near the Town Square

Maybe the charm of these musicians is that they are real people- not some inaccessible celebrities up on the stage... and they play their heart out!



Awesome blog post. I've always wanted to experience something similar. After having read ur post, I already feel as if i experienced.

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